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What is bath bombs?

What is bath bombs? We can say that bath bombs are the best bath skin care products, and there might be a lot of picture on the social media that show the glaring water and scented candle backdrop. But do you know what are bath bombs really made of, what benefits can the bath bombs bring and attract so many customers?

Whether you're looking for relaxing, or just want to run away from the troubles of the day, throw a bath ball in the bathtub and the bath ball will fizz and dissolve slowly. Waiting for the natural relaxing scent slowly fill in the bathroom, and enjoying the bath water imparted with a pleasing fragrance and color, it will be a comforting decompression process.

How does it work?
Once the bath bomb is dissolved in the water, the citric acid will fizze up and loosen the damaged skin. The oil in the bath bombs is very moisturizing, which leaves you a soft skin.

Immerse yourself in such wonderful water for 15-20 minutes, and the process will simultaneously help you relax tense muscles, sore areas and swelling from a long day. Its main ingredient, baking soda, is known for its ability to help detoxify the skin. At the same time, baking soda is also a food-grade raw material, which is very safe. Bath bombs are not only therapeutic, they also contain cleansers that remove dirt and oil from the outer layers of the skin. Refresh your skin and let the bath bomb work its detoxifying magic!

Invented in 1989, compared with the single baking soda, the bath ball contains more abundant ingredients and can meet diverse needs. The bath bombs could help add softeners, emollients in the bath’s water which is helpful for soothing, cleaning, deodorizing, rejuvenating your skin. Above all, the bath bombs is made of 100% natural and chemical free element, which means it is suitable even for the sensitive skin.

From the procurement of raw materials to the final production of finished products, the process will be control strictly:
1) Raw material procurement: screening raw materials including baking soda, citric acid, essential oils, etc., the quality, grade, and safty will be inspected by the factory laboratory before producetion.
2) According to the material ratio, accurately measure and mix the content ratio of each component.
3) Put the mixed material into the mold and press it into shape.
4) After checking the semi-finished product, the dehumidification will be processed in the special dehumidifying room.
5) Quality inspection in laboratory after dehumidification
6) Covering the bath bombs with protective film
All production processes will be carried out in a clean room with 100% assurance that the product is safe, clean and free of dust.

Our company has rich experience in this product line, and has established cooperative relations with 150+ brand companies. We will regularly hold seminars and conferences on market development trends to share the latest market consultation for our customers. According to different needs, professional engineers and designers will tailor-made the best quality products for each customer.
1.We will provide each customer with the following free services:
2.Develop the formula that works best for you and keep it private, making your product unique!
3.Free samples and free pre-production samples.
4.Real-time update of product production progress, to confirm all on the track
5.Remote video call inspection for production progress and quality inspection
6.Provide 100% quality inspection and report before shipping.
7.Free professional advertising images and videos
8.Shipping services and tracking to ensure the get will arrive safely

According to market research, the market popularity of bath balls has always been high, and it is the favorite of every spa enthusiast. At the same time, it can also change the mind of the people who do not like bathing fall in love with bathing and enjoy the process of bathing. As a safe one-time consumable, customers' desire and frequency of purchase are very high, and they will be repurchased on a regular basis.

In recent years, the gift box of bath balls has been very popular among the public. It is not only practical, but also can be customized with various unique and unique designs because of its strong manufacturability. It is an excellent choice for most customers as gifts. According to the sales trend and search index of previous years, in the winter season with strong festive atmosphere in the second half of the year, the sales of bath balls will increase explosively.

Post time: Jun-21-2022