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Some information about our product and company

Product features


1. Fresh organic fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs and high-quality aromatherapy oils and other natural raw materials are collected from all over the world.


2. Fully precise monitoring of sanitation procedures


3. Avoid the use of artificial chemicals and preservatives


4. Simple and environmentally friendly packaging


5. No animal testing is carried out.


Green policy


Since Yulin started, the founders have focused on how products are made and the interaction between sales and the environment. We often come up with creative ways to have a positive impact on the planet, like ours. shower steamers and bath bomb The issue of the environment is a core value of our company. Slowly infiltrate our values ​​from day-to-day decisions.


We hope that our purchasing power will have a positive impact. As it develops, we hope to become more consistent and stable. We believe that protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility, including our employees and customers.


If packaging is unavoidable, we also use recyclable materials. Ninety percent of packaging materials by weight are recyclable, and we work hard for the remaining ten percent.


We want the packaging material to be reused, remanufactured and finally compostable. We target 100% of our packaging material to be recyclable or compostable.


Raw Materials We pay great attention to the raw materials we buy. We choose some more environmentally friendly raw materials as the material of bath bombs.


All of our products are biodegradable, with the exception of a few packing. They are all compostable. Cows are known to graze only on grass filled with Lush soapy water after the Muddy Festival. When designing products, we choose natural raw materials and minimize the use of artificial materials.


In fact, we have a range of natural products that are free of man-made materials. More than 70 percent of our products are preservative-free, and we will continue to work hard in this regard.​​


We will continue to use a lot of natural raw materials in our products, strive to manufacture preservative-free cosmetics and work closely with suppliers to reduce our impact on the environment. We especially love raw material suppliers who respect the environment.


Waste and Recycling About 89% of packaging contains recycled content (including paper bags, aluminum cans, gift paper, ribbons, boxes, signs and labels.



Our product are wrapped in recycled paper and protected with wood wool and recycled paper shreds, both 100% biodegradable. Gift boxes are packaged in biodegradable utensils.

Post time: Aug-08-2022