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How Do You Use A Bath Bomb Without A Tub?


Here are some more surprising ways you can utilize bath bombs without a tub!

1. Shower Base
As we mentioned, you can simply place your bath bomb on the floor of your shower.
The bath bomb will still fizzle and release its scent. It might not be as dramatic and colorful as in the tub, but you can still enjoy it!
2. Shower Head
You can pop your bath bomb into a mesh bag (ideally an organza bag).
Tie the organza bag onto the showerhead. The steam and water activate the bath bomb and you can enjoy the aroma!
3. Foot Soak
Take a simple butter knife and cut your bath bomb into four equal pieces, they're surprisingly easy to cut. You'll be able to utilize your bath bomb for four separate foot soaks.
Put the other three pieces into a ziplock container to prevent any moisture from reaching the bath bomb.
Fill a bucket or a dish basin with warm water.
Drop one bath bomb piece into the basin.
Soak feet for 15 to 20 minutes, allowing your feet to soak in the oils provided from the bath bomb.
Dry feet thoroughly after the soak.
4. Repurposing
One of those three main ingredients we talked about the bath bombs containing is baking soda. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer. Place the opened bath bomb in an organza bag and place it in a closet or drawer to fill the space with wonderful fragrance while simultaneously absorbing odor.

Post time: Oct-24-2022