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History of Bath Bombs?


istory of Bath Bombs?


Bath balls are our most popular product and many of our customers feel comfortable after using our bath bombs.


However, many people still don't know about bath bombs, so let's introduce them now.


The bath bomb was invented by Mo Constantine, co-founder of Lush Cosmetics, in 1989. Constantine was working in a shed in Dorset at the time and was inspired to create "Aqua Sizzlers" (later to become "bath bombs") after developing an interest in Alka-Seltzer pills. Although her first attempts looked a lot like Alka-Seltzer pills, Mo and her husband, Mark Constantine, soon began experimenting with a range of molds and ingredients.


"We were walking around the streets buying different shapes of jelly molds for everything. At the garden center, Mark said 'What are you looking at, why are you turning that pond mold upside down? I was just looking at the outline of it and I thought I might press something into it!" - Mo Constantine


The original bath bomb was patented by the Constantines in 1989 under the brand name "Cosmetics To Go." [In 2014, Cosmetic Warriors LTD (owners of the Lush Cosmetics trademark) was granted a new patent that protects the process of making different layers of bath bombs.


Videos and pictures of multi-layered bath bombs shared on social media are often referred to as bath art.


In recent years, bath bombs have sparked other trends. Bath bombs are used to decorate the bathtub before and during the bath.


We also believe that in the future, bath bombs will be more and more popular, so let's look forward to it.


Post time: Aug-15-2022